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Betty KaiMan. Inverse time nutrient solution

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Betty KaiMan. Inverse time nutrient solution
The nutritional sciences research center is the national research institutions, was founded in 1945, is engaged in the U.S. all arms of health, physical statistics. Since the 50 s to provide nutrition for the special military physical health services. Such as air force pilot, special field army, the navy diving; and NASA (NASA) has listed the '60 s military professional health services. On July 17, 1969, the nutrition science research center on OPC products following the Apollo space to the moon, for the astronauts to remove fatigue antibody plays a positive role in ascension. Engaged in the biological science and nutrition engineering in the 70 s. In the early 90 s the nutritional sciences research center of super OPC isotonic pressure technology such as got unprecedented development, and with outstanding quality and special effect, locates the top of the world, is in the same industry leading position. Contacts. Miss wang 13533901715. QQ401996696
(Nutriscienceresearch) the nutritional science research center, has more than two thousand of America's best medical scientific research personnel, formed a human anti-aging antioxidant research experts, has the world's most advanced research equipment, Dr Betty KaiMan is the core of the research center, is the endocrine and nutrition, the most authoritative expert on aging, led by his research and produce, Betty kamen - super OPC (latest generation) series products, Betty kamen series products are currently the world's most sophisticated efficacy sexual health care products, is also to enter the Chinese super antioxidant anti-aging function of the product significantly. The United States (Hong Kong) gene biomedical co., LTD. Is the nutrition science research center of producers Betty KaiMan biological pharmaceutical group in the asia-pacific region's total distribution
Applicable scope: 1, this product is very suitable for men and women over the age of 25. (as the growth of the age, people have a systemic changes in body tissues, such as: obesity, abdominal obesity, muscle relaxation, decalcified, no strength, decreased immune function and so on subhealth syndrome). 2, insomnia, climacteric syndrome. 3, rheumatism, bone hyperplasia, strain of lumbar muscles. 4, sexual function decline, hyperplasia of prostate hypertrophy. 5, heart disease, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis and other cardiovascular disease, heart failure. 6, cerebral palsy, senile dementia, and asthma. 7, diabetes, liver disease, stomach trouble, auxiliary treatment of leukemia. 8, surgery, trauma, burn, facial plastic and dated sex fracture patients. Main ingredients: WeiCao extract and various organic plant extracts, the national pharmacopoeia grade vitamin, pharmacopoeial grade sodium citrate, pure water, food-grade ethanol
Work efficiency, enhance immunity. Improve the function of heart, lung, kidney. To improve the eyesight. Compact bone structure recovery, causing them to become more strong. Help wounds heal quickly, etc. Through the fallopian tubes. To enhance sexual function, sexual skill. Get rid of wrinkles. Black hair white hair. Improve skin color, thickness and elastic. Increased. Use method: directly spray under the tongue, take 2 minutes to swallow. 25 years of age or older population quantity of conventional care: 1 bottle (3 times a day, every time 2-3 spray); (after 2 bottles and 1 to 2 times a day, every time 1 to 2 spray). Use for a long time or use 4-6 months each year with 5 days, 2 days, or stay for 3 months, 1 month, all can achieve different levels of young, healthy, high quality life. Witness effect: this product can rapidly improve sleep quality, enhance physical strength, improve mood, improve sexual function and so on. The following is the effect of six months witness: 2 days 83.5% of the users in deep sleep. Third day physical enhancement, improve fatigue, pale luster, ruddy. Week 1 moist skin, hair loss is reduced, enhanced sexual function, women dry sense of ease, appetite, energy, wound healing fast, local edema, improve visual acuity, fat loss. 1 months increased memory, germinal, white hair black, become weak spots to disappear, deep facial wrinkles becomes shallow, full, wrinkles gradually disappear. Age spots fade, abdominal fat reducing, some women menopause can restore menstruation; Immunity enhancement. Intractable migraines, high blood pressure, dizziness symptoms, reduce pain, rheumatism, strain of lumbar muscles, etc. 2 months further reduce fat, obviously improve digestion, liver disease, stomach trouble to get a thorough improvement, paralysis can recover part of the muscle, fatty liver disease. More than 3 months further enhance the effect, improve the slower or achieve smooth, deep level is still in the repair process, function of each organ continue to improve. 4 months skin texture, luster, moist, smooth and elastic, spots disappear, some age spots can fade, further fade wrinkles, increase the chest, 6 decreases, and reshape the feng yun form. Blood pressure, blood fat, maintain normal blood sugar. Vision improved significantly, regeneration of black hair, the pain disappeared, better exercise endurance, optimistic spirit in a stable condition. 5-6 months muscle growth rate increase 8.8% without movement, does not need to go on a diet can taking inverse time under the condition of nutrient solution, six months after 14.4% less fat, let you back in time, and the youth.
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